Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Few Words on my Opening (oo-er) Ceremony

Yes, folks.  I am deeply ashamed to say that the above title gives you an accurate idea of what to expect from this blog.  Mostly puerile, some of it will be politics as, like it or not, it affects our lives vastly.  I have many thoughts on this - some of them even coherent.  Some of it will be au sujet de Mental Health.  This is because I have what my psychologist refers to as chronic depression and, therefore, it is something that I ponder quite a bit.  Keeping on health, a smidgen of this space will be about that miraculous gland, the thyroid.  Mine doesn't work properly and consequently contributes to tiredness, weight gain and depression (see earlier).  A fair part will be comments about the News of the Day, although to be frank, reading too much of it can set off my chronic depression.  Should I just abbreviate it to CD, or will that confuse the music fans?  Cuh.  Decisions.

Why a blog?  Well, it's supposed to be good for you to get your frustrations written down.  Plus the fact that I thought why not bring a few more of you down to my level?  After all, don't they say that misery loves company?

So, without further ado, I declare this column (first an opening, now a column.  Make your mind up and stop being so rude) open.  May God bless it and all who yawn at it.

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